Rabbit warrens in hard to get-at places are the perfect target for this bit of technology. Members of the Strathbogie Tableland Landcare Group got together on Sat morning to see a demo of how to use the group’s ‘gas gun’. This tool uses LPG gas to cause an explosion in the mouth of a warren, which sends a shock wave down the burrow. It’s claimed the shock wave has enough force to collapse a rabbit’s lungs and vital organs, killing it quickly and humanely while its down the burrow.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, in the bigger scheme of things), though there was plenty of old rabbit sign, fresh sign was sparse and it seems foxes may have cleaned up most of the rabbits on this property over the last few weeks. We did see one rabbit as it was flushed from a warren by one of Ben’s ferrets, but that was it.

Nonetheless, it was good to see the gun in action and we thank Ben for his time and effort and John & Robyn Vroland for hosting the morning. The gun is available to group members.