Improving the indigenous tree identification skills of visitors and locals was the aim of a small education project  started by Highlands Landcare Group . Fifty signs have been placed along roadsides across the Hughes creek catchment identifying groups of  the dominant local tree species. If you drive through the area look out for signs on the Buntings Hill Rd and Longwood Rd at Ruffy, Top Rd near Old  Terrip School , Dropmore Rd at Dropmore , Highlands – Caveat Rd and the Highlands Seymour Rd before Bucklands Creek & Ponkeen Creek Rd on the way to Tarcombe. Many people have  commented on these attractive  signs and requested another set to be made pointing out significant understorey species. Each sign is the size of a A4 sheet of paper and is riveted to a steel post . So far none have been vandalized , the only damage occurring has been from limbs falling off the trees being featured. Look out for the new set of signs that should be erected before the wattles start flowering in late winter.