Seven Creeks No Fishing Zone

There is a section of the Seven Creeks, between Polly McQuinn’s Reservoir and the Galls Gap Rd bridge, where fishing is prohibited and for a good reason. In this reach of the creek live two special and very threatened fish species: the Trout Cod and Macquarie Perch.

The creek contains one of only two remaining wild populations of Trout Cod,  Maccullochella macquariensis, (the other is in the ‘upper Murray’); this species has suffered an almost catastrophic population collapse since European settlement. And its one of only a handful of wild populations of Macquarie Perch, Macquaria australasica, remaining in the Goulburn Broken Catchment. One of the other wild ‘Macca’ populations is close by, in the Hughes Creek.

Fishing is strictly prohibited in this short section of the Seven Creeks! Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop greedy some folk; most of the Seven Creeks catchment is open to recreational fishing.

Each year fish biologists from DSE’s Arthur Rylah Institute survey several reaches of the Seven Creeks, above and below Polly’s, to see how fish populations are faring. Each captured fish is identified, measured and recorded. Adult Trout Cod and Maccas are electronically tagged to allow subsequent identification. A unique electronic tag is implanted into muscle tissue, or the gut cavity of the fish and can then be  ‘read’ remotely. The most recent survey was just last week – here’s a slide-show of the afternoon’s activities. [You can speed-up or slow-down the slide-show, by using the pause and left/right arrow buttons.]

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[You can speed-up or slow-down the slide-show, by using the pause and left/right arrow buttons.]

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