Redfin Perch , Perca fluviatilis.

Redfin caught in Euroa Arboretum Dam 19th Feb 2012

The Redfin perch is native to the cool -temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere. It was introduced to Victoria in 1858. The species is now widely distrubuted throughout the temperate portion of the Murray Darling Basin but is absent from the colder headwaters. They are found in the lower & middle reaches of the Hughes Creek , Creighton  Creek and Sevens Creek.

Redfin mainly occur in slow-flowing or still water habitats, such as lakes , billabongs and swamps , especially where freshwater  plants are abundant. This species is occasionally moved illegally by anglers and once established , can increase rapidly in numbers. A characterist of the species is the propensity to ‘stunt’ under conditions of poor food supply or overcrowding , when individuals can mature at a very small size (120mm long ).

The redfin is a voracious carnivore which is known to prey heavily on newly stock trout and native fish fingerlings.  Redfin can grow to 600mm and weigh 10kg but the average mature fish is 400mm and 2kg , Redfin are a reseasonable eating fish .

The redfin perch is the main host of Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus (EHNV). This virus is charactised by sudden high mortality rates in fish populations. Several species of native fish are extremely susceptible to this disease and redfin are responsible to for spreading it .

Reference : Fishes of the Goulburn – Broken Catchment – A guide to the native & alien fish species of the Goulburn Broken Catchment. GBCMA 2012