The Mud-dauber Wasp in a previous post wasn’t finished with its handiwork when I took those photos. I returned three days later to find her again stuffing small spiders into the last larva-cell. In fact, the new spider was being pushed into a cell she’d previously sealed off and now re-opened. Most surprisingly, the exterior of the mud nest, now looking textured an rough, rather ‘natural’ (at left), was quite different to what it had been previously, though it did somewhat resemble one of the other wasp nests I’d photographed.

The only part of the cell she hadn’t camouflaged was the cell she’s still working on. The detail of the camouflage is quite something and would have needed a serious investment of time. Given that there will soon be juicy, nutritious wasp larvae,  tasty morsels, hidden inside the nest, its no wonder she wants to hide them from predators and parasites, alike.