Roadside Thistles Extra Bad This Year.

Thistle Cutters mate

The wetter seasons are affecting roadside vegetation in the Hughes Creek Catchment . Exotic weeds and grasses have taken advantage of the favorable conditions this spring  and the ‘weediness’ of roadsides is alarming . Remnant roadside wildflowers and native grasses are being smothered  by thistles , phalaris, St Johns wort , nightshade , stink weed and heaps more bad species. We decided to take action along our section of the Weibye Track . Armed with a simple machette we set off to chop thistle . The plan was to chop the plants and remove them before they went to seed. Three kilometres of roadside yielded quite a load of thistle . Where to dispose of the plants was a dilemma because the seed heads can ripened and disperse after cutting . Their final resting place was under an old futon mattress on our burning heap. I found it quite satisfying slashing their thick  juicy stems through  with  one well-aimed blow , good Sunday morning excercise really !

Full load of thistles

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Mother, wife, farmer, vegetable grower, landscape restoration practitioner. Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Coordinator Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative Landcare Facilitator. Direct Seeding Contractor. Seed Collector
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One Response to Roadside Thistles Extra Bad This Year.

  1. Steve says:


    I know exactly what you mean, even our little property at Tyaak is inundated with these Scottish Beauties (its not there fault they are here…) I can only wish that getting rid of Blackberries was as easy as this…. Have you got any tricks for Blackberry removal? our propert is a butting the Dabyminga Creek and has about 20 meters wide 3 meters high investation… We were thinking about cutting and pulling away/buring the stalks then painting the remaining stems with Glyphosate, but I am hesitant as we are so close to the river….any help would be greatly appretiated.


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