Five Peron's Tree Frogs in a jar.

A rusty 44 gallon drum full of  rubbish and water  was the home these handsome perons tree frogs had chosen for the summer. Unfortunately we were cleaning up around our shed in an effort to make things ready for the bushfire season and emptied the drum . Five large agile climbing  frogs emerged from the debris. An  interesting thing was how their skin colour changed to suit the background , when in the dark waters of the rubbish drum they were very dark brown  in colour , after photo session on the kitchen bench they turned light grey . Peron’s Tree Frogs are easily distinguished from all other Victorian frogs by their cross shapped pupils. Scientific name : Litoria peroni .They are common across the Strathbogie Ranges.  .

 *Note the round flat endings to the fingers that aid climbing up the sides of the glass jar. These act like suction pads.

We released these frogs into a more natural wetland habitat around a farm dam . I hope they have not become part of the food chain already .