Gang Gang males eating Ovens Wattle seeds in Ruffy garden

Gang Gang cockatoos  are one of  my favourite birds .

The males are dark grey with a striking  red crest , the female is a paler grey with a grey crest and red and yellow barred undersides.They are much smaller than the hefty yellow-tailed black cockatoos that regularly strip the seeds from our hakea and stone pine trees. They seem to travel in pairs rather than the flocks that other cockatoos prefer.  The gang gangs call while it is feeding  has been described as sounding like a rusty hinge squeaking.  These cockatoos are occasional visitors to our garden. A pair arrived last week to feast on green ovens wattle pods. They fed quietly in the wattle treetops , dropping seed pods everywhere.

Quote f rom ‘Cockatoos’ by Matt Cameron: In recent years there has been a substantial decline in the abundance and range of this species’  Loss of understorey wattles as a food source , loss of large trees containing hollows for nesting  and changed fire regimes are all implicated in the decline.