‘Acknowledgement of Traditional Land Owners’

‘In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we are meeting today. We recognize indigenous people, their elders – past and present.’

These Aboriginal artifacts are examples of a larger number found not far from the township of Strathbogie, at a site bounded by two permanent creeks. They’ll be catalogued in the near future and help to paint a better picture of the nature of the Aboriginal occupation of the Ranges.

The scale of the larger squares in the weave the artifacts are sitting on is about 25 mm. The items are varied and appear to include cutting stones, grinding stones, axes and perhaps even toys (the rounded stones), or perhaps they’re missiles (I’m guessing). None of the rock material is of local origin; some appears to be Greenstone and others look to be sedimentary, much like river rocks. But what’s that red stone and where does it come from? Read earlier posts about Aboriginal stone artifacts in the Strathbogies: 23.9.11 Mt. William Greenstone in the ‘Bogies, 3.11.11 Connecting with our history.

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