I often ponder on what our landscape was like in the past and how our attitudes to the natural environment have evolved  . I can recommend these two books for thought provoking bedtime reading over summer if you haven’t discovered them already.

Gum by Ashely Hay published by Duffy & Snellgrove 2002 (available at Euroa Libray)

   “Gum trees have defined our continent for thousands of years . Since European settlement we have struggled to classify and comprehend eucalypts and the country they belong to . This is the story of that struggle told through the lives of seven people who’s lives were changed by their passion for Australia’s great tree.”  

The Victorian Bush – Its original and natural condition by Ron Hateley Published by Polybractea Press 2010 (available Euroa Library  or purchase from the author via internet. )

This book combines in a readable way extracts from logs, reports and diaries of Victorian explorers, early settlers, travellers and officials that describe the vegetation and fauna they encountered.
The author analyses what he sees are the major ecological processes across south-eastern Australia, including the role of fire.