Sunday 16th October, 2011.

On an overcast, mild day with a cool breeze, about a dozen good folk met at Wallaby Gully, Longwood East for a stroll, keen to see what was in flower. The Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network, through Janet Hagen, organized the walk, and produced a lovely brochure listing all the plants found so far at this reserve. Here are just a few pics.

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Over 60 plants were recorded, you can view the plant list here.

The vertebrate list for the walk was:

Spotted Marsh Frog- two seen.
Red-bellied Black Snake- one seen ~1.2 m, good condition.
Bougainville’s Skink- 4 seen.
Garden Skink- 2 seen.
Wood Gecko – one adult, one juvenile.
Hooded Robin- one male.
White-throated Tree-creeper- heard.
Nankeen Kestrel- in paddock across Upton Rd.
Yellow-rumped Thornbill- several seen.
Shining Bronze-cuckoo- one seen, several heard.
Grey Fantail- heard.
Black Wallaby- one big, old male watched us patiently from about 30 m.
Echidna- lots of digging.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo skull
Brushtail Possum scats- Trichosurus sp

And … we saw two of the very first Common Brown Butterflies (females) (Heteronympha merope) out and about today.