I went for a hike this morning along a rocky ridge line . The sun was shining brightly on the granite boulders  and many tiny  eyes were furtively watching  me . Every time I crept closer they would dart into narrow rock crevices and disappear .

They were Cunningham Skinks (Egernia cunninghamii) who like  to sunbake on warm rocks in open places.

These rather large-sized skinks are a common inhabitant of the rocky outcrops of the Strathbogie Ranges .They are frequently encountered on rocky ledges and once the lizard retreats into a crack , it is extremely difficult to extricate because of the rugose nature of the scales and the lizard’s tendency to inflate itself and become wedged against the sides of the crevice  .

Black Rock Skink in Granite Outcrop
(If anyone can take a closer photograph of a black rock skink than I did , we could add it to this nature blog )