The Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network invites you to come on a journey through time and space. Dr. Neville Rosengren, an experienced and passionate geologist that knows our region very well, will guide us through a fascinating local landscape of volcanoes and eroded granitic landscapes. Starting in Euroa, the day will take us right to the top of Mt Wombat in the Strathbogie Ranges. Download the flier by clicking on the image at left.

We’re all familiar with the granitic domes and tors of the Strathbogie Ranges, but how many of us are aware of the ‘recent’ volcano on Euroa’s doorstep. About 7 million years ago, when the Strathbogies were already ancient (~350 million years old) one or more volcanic eruptions in the Gooram district emptied hundreds of millions of cubic meters of basalt-lava into the Seven Creeks valley. The lava flowed down towards present day Euroa and possibly beyond. Much of this lava flow has been weathered away, or covered by more recent sediment, but there are still significant areas of this basalt in the Gooram district and this landscape looks very different to the surrounding granite. These basalt-derived soils are more fertile than surrounding granitic soils and support distinct vegetation communities – its like being in the Western District!

A 7 million year old lava flow at Gooram, south of Euroa.

During our journey, Rob Hall, plant specialist from the Euroa Arboretum, will help us understand the different plant species and vegetation types we encounter. If you’d like to join in and for more information and to RSVP (Essential!!), contact Shirley  (0427 246 900) or Penny  (0439 381 132, Places are limited, so get in early if you’re interested.

Sunset from Mt Wombat.

This activity is supported by the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.