Just as Fan-tailed Cuckoos seem to have arrived a few weeks earlier this year, than last, our most numerous Summer honeyeater, the Yellow-faced, also seems to be on the early side. This year I heard the first melodious call (something like ‘chick-up, pirrip pirrup pirrup’), from what seemed like a single bird, on Aug 18; three days later there were several birds calling from the forest around our garden. Last year, the first calls were heard on Sept 2. Whilst some variation in arrival-time is to be expected, I wonder if there’s a pattern emerging?

You can listen to the call of the Yellow-faced Honeyeater on Graeme Chapmans website.

Their nest is an open, cup-shaped nest suspended from several thin branches, usually a forked branch and around here is often made of fine grass, moss and spider’s web.