Vine hawk moth found in Gooram

Mel from Gooram submitted this photo of an interesting  moth he found on his window .

It is a vine hawk moth . Which is the commonest hawk moth in Australia. They feed on grape vines  as the name implies but also other garden exotics such as Virginia creeper, morning glory, rhubarb, arum lily and frangipani.
The larvae are generally , green, brown or pink depending on the dominant colour of the forage plants . They have distinctive large eye markings on the first abdominal section. These eyes have  black centers with blue dots and yellow edges. See ‘Caveat Caterpillars’ photos sent in by Louise of Caveat earlier this year. Fully fed larvae are often found walking around on patios and driveways in search of a sheltered place to pupate in early autumn. The mature caterpillars construct flimsy pupal shelters on the ground by binding together the edges on one or two dry leaves with silk .