Button Grass .  
Trust For Nature have been big supports of this project.

The Bogs Steering Committee held a catchup meeting  on the 10th May at Peg & Doug Lades in Highlands. Fiona and Arn presented an update on their research into management of boggy wetlands in the Strathbogie Ranges.  Trial plots were visited in nearby properties. Methods to reduce biomass buildup and maintain or increase biodiversity are being tested.  Burning , grazing & slashing are the approaches being trialled. Fencing and forgetting is not the  answer to preserving these plant communities. Invasion by exotic pasture grasses and eventual dominance by a few native species are issues that need to be considered.

Fiona explains the effects of burning on bogs.

 Simon Casanelia of GBCMA chairs this committee. Trust for Nature and Landcare have been the main community supporters. Fiona Coates and Arn Tolsma from the Arthur Rylah Institute, DSE, have been researching plant communities in our bog systems since 2008.

The McAlpine Bog was very wet and in excellent health with the sphagnum expanding .

Pegs precious ‘button grass’ bog had grown amazingly since our last visit .The baumea rubiginosa was shoulder height and the button grass, Gymnoshoenus sphaerocephalus, was over my head.

Peg and Bert discuss changes in vegetation density since fencing .

 Thanks to Peg and Doug for hosting this meeting and for joining us in a tour of the bogs. Morning tea around their warm kitchen table was an enjoyable start to this interesting day.

Pushing through the biomass