Mal B, from the corner of Mansfield Rd and Burns Gap Rd in Gooram was excited to find this handsome goanna in his garden in early autumn this year. He reported his observation to Justus at the Euroa library and kindly shared his record photographs with us.  The bush behind Mal’s place must be in good condition , goannas need many large trees and lots of fallen timber to forage through for food. They will prey on young rabbits and baby cockatoos as well as insects, other reptiles, small mammals and nesting birds. Dead carcasses also provide a good food source . They lay 6 to 8 eggs , often in a termites nest and shelter in tree hollows. The tree goanna requires a home range of about 65ha. and is more common in areas linked to large patches of remnant bush. Tree Goanna numbers are declining in our area but data is insufficent to know exactly how they are faring . They could possibly be an endangered species. Please report any sightings.

[Note: this is in fact a Sand Goanna (Varanus gouldii) – much less common and a more exciting find in this neck of the woods, than a Tree Goanna (V. various). BL]