Pobblebonk, Banjo Frog Lymnodynastes dumerli, adultTake a stroll in the garden tonight – there’s plenty to see. Over the last few weeks most tadpoles have metamorphosed into adult frogs and are now looking for new territory. All sorts of night-time animals are out and about, especially as the soil and grass are moist and there’s little chance of drying out. This is what I found in about 1o mins searching.

Some frogs make this risky journey as juveniles, others as near-fully grown adults. Either way, its difficult not to step on them when walking around at night. Pobblebonks can journey many hundreds of meters away from water in their search for a place to set up shop. Plains Brown Tree Frogs and Spotted Marsh Frogs can also be found hopping around the garden, but in lower numbers. But its the diversity on invertebrates, invisible during the day, that makes for fascinating night-time exploration.

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One alarming change that has occurred in the last five years-or-so, has been the introduction of Black Portuguese Millipedes to our property at Boho South. Since arriving, probably in straw-mulch from the Euroa-Violet Town districts they have multiplied to be in plague proportions at this time of year. Many properties have them, but amazingly, some have escaped, so far.