Pied Lacewing, Porismus strigatus
Pied Lacewing, Porismus strigatus (Creek Junction Rd). Photo Peter Kelly.

This unusual insect is a Pied Lacewing  (Porismus strigatus), found by Peter Kelly from Creek Junction. Its apparently a widespread species, found from southern Qld, to Victoria. The name Lacewing derives from the wings appearing lace-like and often transparent.

All Lacewings have two pairs of membranous wings and complex wing venation. More usually, the wings and body are green or brown, but this species has particularly strong markings (if you stare at the wing pattern long enough, the body of the insect seems to become less noticeable).

The larvae of lacewings are commonly known as antlions. Lacewing adults and larvae are both predatory, eating soft-bodied insects like aphids and scale-insects, so they certainly benefit human agriculture.