Mistletoe Moth

Mistletoe Moth  Comocrus behriThis large handsome moth was feeding on eucalypt nectar at dusk . It had distinctive scarlet body marking and a scarlet tail tuft. Unfortunately the light was fading and a breeze blowing causing my picture to blur. There were several of these in the tree at Ruffy and Lesley reports them emerging from cocoons  in Whiteheads Creek . Lesleys tip that it was a ‘day moth’ helped me ID it ,  also it holds its wings flat when resting unlike butterflies that hold their wings together over their body when taking a break.


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Mother, wife, farmer, vegetable grower, landscape restoration practitioner. Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Coordinator Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative Landcare Facilitator. Direct Seeding Contractor. Seed Collector
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One Response to Mistletoe Moth

  1. bert says:

    Janet. I was watching a fabulous butterfly display on some large buddleas last Sunday in Strathbogie, around 4pm. The bushes were alive with flying insects including Painted Lady, Meadow Argus, Wood White, Glasswing, Wanderer, Dainty Swallowtail, Cabbage White, Pea Blue, Common Brown (of course!) and there was a moth/butterfly just like yours. Thanks for the ID.

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