SNAP! wetland walk - a likely bunch.

A few weeks ago, on the 6th Feb, a bunch of keen locals enjoyed a beautiful walk around and through the springs and bogs on Terry & Denise Cerini’s property. Terry was our guide, though I must say some folk often dawdled, falling behind and missing his commentary!

Terry & Denise’s wetlands include a fantastic habitat dam, a sphagnum moss ‘perched bog’, tea-tree scrub that supports a population of Long-nosed Bandicoots, Swamp Gum forest that borders the creek, all surrounded by native grasslands of Kangaroo Grass (Themeda australis), Wallaby Grasses, Weeping Grass (Microlaena stipoides). Its a special place and all credit to Terry & Denise for protecting and managing such a healthy, fabulous patch of bush. We all enjoyed the late-afternoon outing and thank Terry & Denise for the opportunity to visit.

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