The bright flash of a rainbow bee-eater caught my eye  this morning  while driving along Red Gate lane in Ruffy. These birds return to southern Australia to breed in summer . They spend winter in Northern Australia , New Guinea and even Indonesia . When nesting they tunnel deep into sandy banks to lay 4 or 5 white eggs in a grass lined chamber. Both sexes incubate the eggs and tend the young. As many as eight adults have been seen in attendance at one nest hole. The Rainbow Bee-eater is a brightly coloured bird with long curved bill and long tail streamers. Head is golden with black eye stripe and body is mostly green and blue. The bee-eater is a swift  flier that flits around after insects. It catches insects on the wing, mainly bees and wasps, also dragonflies, beetles, butterflies and moths.

Reference : Field Guide to Birds of Australia by Simpson & Day