Euroa Arboretum Dam

Tom and I went for a short walk around the lake and along the paths of the Euroa Arboretum this evening. Shadows were starting to lengthen, but the sun was still nice and warm at the end of a mild summer’s day. Some locals were trying their luck with fishing rods and a canoe.

Australian Wood Duck
Australian Wood Duck

A Wood Duck was enjoying a paddle on the dam and the sun caught the bright blues of a Ringtail Damselfly.

Common Bluetail (Ischnura heterosticta)
Common Bluetail (Ischnura heterosticta)

There are several closely related species that can only be told apart by carefully examining their colour patterns. Thanks Duncan, for identifying this one.

Tau Emerald
Tau Emerald Dragonfly

A little further on a tattered Tau Emerald dragonfly clung to a blade of grass. Tom thought a mowed track all around the dam would be a popular walk.

Mature Grey Box

Although plenty of trees and shrubs have been planted over the years, fortunately there also still exist quite a few mature trees, like this Grey Box, now surrounded by seedling regrowth.

Open grassy areas

Open spaces with a native grassy ground-layer provide a pleasant park-like atmosphere – great for hawking insectivorous birds.

Before heading back to the car, we crossed over the chain of ponds that directs water into the large dam. Nutrient-rich water has allowed algae to bloom and create Paisley patterns on the water’s surface.


Psychedelic algal bloom in the 'chain of ponds'