Pea growth after Fire , Boho South.

A patch of bush on crown land in Boho South was burnt May 2008 to reduce fire fuel . The result has been a enormous boom in pea growth. The ground is carpeted in Running Postman , Kennedia prostrata. Hardenbergia Violacea is dominating the understorey along with a healthy Twining Glycine , Glycine clandestina, population . Clumps of Common Hovea , Hovea linearis and Handsome Flat-pea , Platylobium formosum , can be found . What a sight this area must have been in spring . Small amounts of seed have been collected from this site for the seedbank genetic diversity collection ( Janet & Sarah )and keen local collector ( Terry ) has saved some for the Euroa Arboreatum seed production area project. Hundreds of pea plants cover this large site ,other collecting sites in the catchment contain only a few struggling running postman covering no more than a few metres . A little controlled burning may revive these populations . Interestingly peas in the Black Saturday fire areas have not produced much seed yet , the plants must need three seasons after fire to be mature enough to set seed .

A carpet of healthy peas . Running Postman & Hardengeria