Jacky Lizard / Tree Dragon

This Jacky Lizard sometimes called a Tree Dragon , Amphilbolurus muricatus, was found digging her burrow in our Ruffy backyard . She looks very fat and is getting ready to deposit her eggs , which may number up to eight , in the burrow or depression she has excavated .

These  lizards were widespread across the Southern Highlands , they inhabit  dry sclerophyll forests and woodlands. They are often seen sunning themselves on a tree stump , log  or rock. They are semi-arboreal and when disturbed retreat to the sanctuary of the tree tops , climbing with the aid of strongly clawed digits. Once in the tree  they are difficult to detect because of  their body patterns and colouring which  blends well with the colour of bark .

During the colder months of the year , this lizard may be found in a state of torpor under logs and rocks. The lizards diet consists of primarily insects so this species does not usually survive in captivity.
Most Jacky Lizards I have seen have been slimmer and faster moving than this old girl , they scuttle around the garden at a great speed , our kids were always trying  to catch one .
Reference : Field Guide to Reptiles of the Victorian High Country by Jenkins & Bartell.