Louise from Highlands sent notes & pictures of some interesting bird orchids she found while doing roadside flora surveys down the Molesworth Dropmore Rd.

“Just looking at your Strathbogie Ranges blog and noticed the fairly tall chiloglottis at Mt Wombat. I was out with Sam today looking at roadside veg and we found some unusual chiloglottis – one even taller than yours, plus the first double-flowers I’ve ever seen.”
“There were a couple of oddities about these orchids that make identification tricky”.
– the very tall ones at the final site were possibly trapeziform, or hybrid.
The tallest was over 20cm, measuring the point on my forearm that it came up to.
– two plants with double flowers at the first site.
I’ve never before seen a chiloglottis with two flowers on it, and the literature describes them as “flower solitary”.
Also at the first site was the very tall leaves pictured, but this could be due to abnormally vigorous growth conditions at the moment plus trying to grow through ground litter.”

Thanks for sharing these observations Louise.
Maybe an orchid expect could help with ID .
I really need a picture showing the labellum and callus glands to make a decision. The most common species in the Strathbogie Ranges are the Tall Bird Orchid simpliglottis gunnii and the Large Bird Orchid simpliglottis valida.
As Louise pointed out hybrids are possible !
To confuse that matter further Genus Chiloglottis has been split . Bird Orchids are now Simpliglottis ( according to David Jones : Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia)
By Janet Hagen