The Ruffy Weekend Walkers have started their summer twilight walks . Meet at the Ruffy Hall 5pm Sunday afternoon if you would like to tag along for an hour or two. We are a bit random with organising our walks so check the timetable on the hall notice board beforehand . (Ring Justus if confused )

Sunday November 14th 2010
The County Creek flows from the edge of the Weibye Track south across the tableland to where it joins the Hughes Creek at Tarcombe near the old Glenlyon Homestead.

The Ruffy Weekend Walkers explored the mid-reaches of the County Creek behind Digit Downs.’Proposal Waterfall’ was a highlight.
We found fields of pale vanilla -lily Arthropdium milleflorum.
Neil found a rare Hairy Hop Bush Dodonaea boroniifolia surviving in a rocky outcrop amongst flowering Common Fringe Myrtle Calytrix tetragona

Grey Guinea-flower
Hibbertia obtusifolia is a common spreading small shrub that grows on shallow gravelly drier soils in elevated sites in herb -rich foothill forest.
The flowers provide food for many native insects including moths , butterflies , wasps and bees.
Prunus Pomaderris
Pomaderris prunifolia grows beween Benalla and Seymour in rocky sites not far from watercourses. It is a shrub 1-4m high with a dense coat of rusty hairs on the branches . The attractive creamy white flowers are at their peak now. Insects are attracted to these flowers.
Native Pelargonium
Pelargonium australe is a sprawing perennial herb that generally grows in rocky outcrops. The pink flowers are profuse and conspicous.The leaves are slighly aromatic , rounded and soft. It may die down to rootstock in harsh summers but it is looking really healthy at the moment.