Also called the Eastern Long-necked Tortoise (Chelodina longicollis), this is one of three species of turtle found in north-east Victoria. Its not uncommon to encounter these animals down on the plains, often seen crossing a road whilst moving from one water body to another. And its terribly sad to see them in this (pictured) state. This turtle was killed on the Strathbogie Rd, at the foot of the Strathbogie Ranges just outside Euroa.

Do these turtles occur in the Ranges themselves, around Strathbogie, Ruffy, or Highlands? It appears that they used to be regularly seen in some districts before the drought, but has anyone seen them in the hills recently? If you’ve seen them in the hills, or know of records above ~ 400m, please leave a comment, as it would be great to get some information on the health of populations of Common Long-necked Turtles in the Strathbogie Ranges.