Its the ‘birds and bees’ time of year. This is such a great season that many birds are raising at least two clutches, perhaps more, as it doesn’t look like drying out just yet.

Here’s a nest I found today in a Mountain Beackea thicket; part of a perched bog on Shingle Hut Creek near Watkins Rd. Any guesses as to the owners?

And just for good measure, I found this gravid (reptile-speak for ‘pregnant’) Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard as I was crossing the creek. Though there are two Bluetongue species in the north-east, the other species (Common Blue-tongue) is only found at lower altitudes. Blotched Blue-tongues give birth to live young and judging by her size, she’s close.

And here’s the section of the Shingle Hut Creek that these creatures call home. Native grasses give way to Mountain Baekea, Tea Tree and then Swamp Gum Woodland along the creek.