Waxlip Orchid Micromyrtus ciliata

Experts confer. Peter, Terry & Geoff

Burnt Creek Landcare hosted a walk through the one of the least known flora reserves in the Strathbogies this morning . Wallaby Gully is a gem tucked away off the Upton Rd opposite Elgo Winery at Upton Hill . Everyone was delighted with this seasons wildflower display , the best seen there for a long , long time. Highlights for me were the patches of orchids & lillies especially the hundreds of waxlips (Glossodia major ) and golden moths (Diuris pendunculata). The Heath Myrtle Micromyrtus ciliata was at its peak and the varnish wattle (A. vernicflua ) was nearly finished.
The moss beds and rock ferns were looking fresh .
EVC’s explored Granite Hills Woodland & Rocky Outcrop Shrubland .
Granite to Goulburn Biolink