Now is a good time for spotting Running Postman plants . Kennedia prostrata.

They are recognisable by their bright red ‘pea’ flowers arising from long trailing stems. The leaves are pinnately trifoliate ( clover like ) , greyish green with crinkled edges . The seeds are found in long brown ‘pea pods’ and are ripe when they are hard .

These perennial herbs are scattered across the middle elevations of the Strathbogie Ranges , favouring foothill forests and open woodlands. They are often seen on embarkments and slopes .

Seed from these plants is in demand for revegetation projects but at present we are collecting from a limited gene pool found on Weibye Track , Ruffy .

A seed production area for this species is being developed at the Euroa Arboretum . If you can mark any plants you spot now and revisit them in early summer to collect a few seeds , you could assist the project by widening the range of provinences we can collect from , therefore ensuring a heathly genetic seed source.