Thin-Leaf Wattle , Acacia aculeatissima.
This wattle is found in the foothills of the Strathbogie Ranges. It often grows in rocky areas in messmate dominated woodlands and forests
This is a spreading prostrate shrub growing to 0.5m high. Good groundcover .
Quite a tough plant which tolerates frost and extended dry periods.
Flowers in August to October.
Seed Collecting : Seeds ripen in December . Monitor closely because the seeds shed quickly . The seed is in demand for re vegetation projects but the supply is very small, if you could collect a few seeds from any plants you find , label them carefully , give them to Euroa Arboretum where they propagate them. EA are establishing a SPA ( seed production area ) for this species. The aim is to build a collection from a wide range of local populations to increase seed availability and ensure the genetic health of the seed used to revegetation projects.