Synchronistic Flowering of Broadleaf Peppermint



Broadleaf Peppermints are blooming across the Strathbogie Ranges. The air is laden with their sweet perfume. Bee keepers depend  on these  mass flowering events for a good honey flow. The forests of our ranges are extremely important to the honey industry . Old growth peppermint and messmate trees are valuable resources which should be protected from clear felling by the logging industry. Not many people are aware that Vic Forests plan to harvest large areas timber from the Strathbogies  in 2014. Its a worry !


About jhx6hagen

Mother,Wife & Farmer . Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Coordinator Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative Landcare Facilitator. Direct Seeding Contractor. Seed Collector for the Goulburn Broken Seedbank.
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One Response to Synchronistic Flowering of Broadleaf Peppermint

  1. I also noticed that the Broad-leaf Peppermints in the Toorour and Swanpool districts were flowering profusely – about two weeks ago.

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